Zipp 808 Clincher, Tubular and Track Review

For both professionals and recreational cyclists great wheelsets are crucial to their performance. Many cyclists already use wheelsets created by renowned manufacturer Zipp, and the Zipp 808 continues the legacy of producing excellent cycling products. The Zipp 808’s were built on a 84/202 hubset, this important central support show Zipp to be world leaders in the development of this design technology, with the hub creating a strength to these wheelsets, which cannot be find on any other design. Also featured on the Zipp 808’s are the expensive Sapim created spokes, with the wheels featuring 18 Sapim spokes on the front wheel and 24 Sapim spokes on the rear wheel. These Sapim spokes and weight of the wheels ensure that an optimum balance is created between the weight and strength of the wheels creating a durable and effective wheel, perfect for professional cyclists. More importantly, the wheels feature a revolutionary, dimpled, 81mm deep rim, although originally criticised by sceptics the deep rims offered riders a new level of rigidity for more effectively transfer of power between rider and wheel.

Testers discovered that the 808’s offered the speed of a deep rim while also providing the handling of a shallower one. The wheels have a unique partially ovoid rim shape allowing for maximum speeds to be sustained for longer, while the silica ceramic braking surface guarantees rider responsive braking. Together the wheels, the tubular version, use new technologically advanced light weight materials to ensure they weigh no more than 1462 grams, making the 808s very light. Moreover, the 808’s are very strong, using Zipp’s Carbon Bridge Technology which employs Kelvar reinforced rim edges to ensure that impact forces are distributed evenly whilst also increasing the lateral stiffness of the wheels.

The 808’s are extremely responsive and are capable of producing high acceleration with little momentum required from the rider. The only weakness testers noticed about the 808’s was that they do not handle as well as the 303’s in crosswinds over 20km/h. Despite this, the 808’s are an excellent wheelset and are the perfect choice for riders and remain stable even for heavier riders.

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