Campagnolo Zonda Review

Campagnolo have once again proven they are the leading manufacturer of wheelsets with the fantastic Campagnolo Zonda 2012. The wheels weigh only 675 grams on the front and 935 grams on the rear and with a unique profile of 24mm on the front rim and 28mm on the rear rim which are smooth, lowering the rolling resistance allowing the wheels to spin up fast and maintain a high speed with little energy required from the rider. In addition, the zones between the spoke inserts have been lightened creating a lighter and more agile wheel. While the rim and hub of each wheel has been created using aluminium to help reduce the overall weight of the wheels and improve incline climbing.

The Campagnolo Zonda 2011 feature oversized hubs which have been designed to be a lot smoother than previous models. The hub features aluminium axles and self aligning bearings, which allow the wheels to free wheel easily with little force required, this construction allows the bearing to tolerate a small angular misalignment resulting from deflection or improper mounting. The wheels are one of the most visually appealing wheels on the market today and will improve the appearance of any frame. More importantly, due to their construction, the optimum number of spokes and weight providing equilibrium between strength and weight ensuring the wheels are light while remaining strong.

These hand built wheels work well in all weather conditions making them the most robust wheels for cyclists. They are the only wheels on the market that take both tubeless and clincher tyres so riders can select their preferred preference. The only weakness discovered during testing was there was a noticeable flex in the front wheel whilst riding. This single issue does not deduce from the Campagnolo Zonda 2011 and these wheels are highly recommended for all pro cyclists.

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