Clincher vs Tubular

What is a Clincher Wheel?

A clincher comprises of three things a tyre, an inner tube and a wheel. The bead of the tyre sits together with the lip of the rim, creating a seal. You must buy a specific clincher wheel if you are going to ride with a clincher system, i.e. a separate tyre and inner tube.


Recommended for beginners and intermediates


Harder ride
Potential feeling of roll into corners
Lower tyre pressure

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What is a Tubular (Also known as sew up)?

It is unique because the tyre gets glued onto the rim. The inner tube is sewn into the tyre, so it becomes one unit. You must buy specific tubular wheelsets if you want to ride tubular tyres.


Softer ride
Smoother ride
Higher tyre pressure
Less rolling resistance


Put a lot of glue on to get a seal
Wait up to 24hrs before you can use
Replacing a blow out is difficult
Costly as you have to replace the whole unit

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Clincher vs Tubular Summary

It is widely argued that tubular wheels offer a better system as you get less flat tyres, due to a lack of pinch flats which are quite common with clinchers. Some argue it is easier to change clincher tyres once a tyre or tube has blown, but depends on the agility of the individual. Many pro ride tubulars, so it comes down to preference once you know the facts. Clincher tend to have a wider range of choice as they are the original system that everyone who has ridden a bike would have come across at some point, even if it pumping up a slow flat on a wheel that been in the garage for a year, you still have to take the inner tube out and fix it!

Really think about your style of riding and what suits you best, tubular wheels are used in many races, but if its a Sunday bike ride stick to clinchers.

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