Zipp Wheels For Road Bikes

Zipp Speed Weaponary has been creating carbon wheels since its inception in 1988. As technology has got more advanced, their techniques have allowed for more sophisticated wheelsets to be created. Zipp wheels today still have a great reputation amongst cyclists and are associated with road racing and time trial. They have had great exposure due to being present on the winners bikes for the Tour de France and Gold in the Olympics. In 2011 there are currently 6 different models a with there own specific niche within the cycling genre. They can be used in track and time trial as well as hill climbing and road racing. Zipp wheels aren’t cheap but they do offer excellent quality and as such are the choice for many a professional rider. The Zipp philosophy is to produce wheels that will provide the highest performance, and superlative quality components through innovative design and manufacturing utilising the best materials and technology available, to ensure every cyclist has the best manufactured wheels on today’s market.

Zipp are one of the leading wheel manufacturers and alway delivery on promise and pay fastidious attention to each individual design, keeping the needs of the cyclist in mind when designing each wheel.

Zipp are correct when they say that they are ‘always in front’, and while all carbon wheels have been available for some time from competitors, other manufacturers have not put the thought and effort into carbon wheels that Zipp have.

Zipp Wheel Range

Zipp 202 – Only comes in Tubular – Price Range £850+ (2010 model) Total Weight = 1095g Front 484g and Rear is 611g

Fantastic climbing wheels allowing riders to pace up even the tougest hills with ease.

Zipp 303 – Tubular, Clincher and Cyclocross – Price Range £850+ (2010 model) Total Weight = 1171g Front 519g and Rear is 652g

This is a tough wheel designed for a more bumpy terrain and it proved itself on the Roubaix cobbles and dominated.

Zipp 404 – Tubular, Clincher, Carbon Clincher, Track Tubular and Cyclocross- Price Range £850+ (2010 model) Total Weight = 1557g Front 718g and Rear is 813g

Crafted with a new and revolutionary rim shape the 404 after 2 years of development was the most anticipated wheelset ever to be produced. It is the clincher wheelset of choice for many riders.

Zipp 808 – Tubular, Clincher, Carbon Clincher and Track Tubular – Price Range £875+ (2010 model) Total Weight = 1519g Front 701g and Rear is 818g

The 808 range are ideally suited to hill climbs, as they are very stiff but responsive. They are also wifely used in time trailing and triathlons.

Zipp 1080 – Only comes in Tubular – Price Range £2400+ Total Weight = 1699g Front 793g and Rear is 906g

This is touted as the “World’s fastest non-disc wheel”. The wheelset is specifically designed for time trial, as the rim depth is 10.8cm and minimises the effect of cross winds allowing it to be 30 seconds faster than a 3 spoke wheel over 40km distance.

Zipp 900 – Tubular, Clincher and Track – Price Range £875+ (2010 model) Total Weight = 936g

The disc wheel of choice for track, time trial and triathlon riders. This is one of the lightest but stiffest wheels on the market.

Choose from a selection of the best zipp road bike wheels available from online retailers.

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