Coolest Bike Wheels Going

You have surely heard of pimp my ride and the success of the MTV show that took old bangers and spent a fortune on them turning them into these machines with every gadget going.

Well the US has delivered again for bikes and specifically bike wheels. Monkeylectric have created a wheel display that creates amazing light patterns as you ride. It uses 32 extremely bright LED’s and has numerous visual effects that have been designed by top electronic artists. It comes with digital effects from 3 artists and generates 1000’s of patterns, but all are customisable with buttons for patterns, colours, speed or mood. It runs on 3 AA batteries which gives 4-6 hours runtime at top brightness or 15-30 hours on high efficiency setting. They can be fitted to most bike wheels, including BMX, road, mountain, hybrid, city and cruiser. Cloudy, dusk and night are perfect conditions for their use and they are fully waterproof if they gets splashed from puddles or it is raining.

The video pro 7 takes it to a whole new level, as you can customise graphics to input into the system. This is perfect for promotional and commercial activities. You could imagine the tuk tuk riders in London having these on their wheels and advertising stuff. These will set you back $2000 per wheel, so aren’t cheap.

Check out the cheaper version for sale at under £50 here

Point to note:

A company in the UK is also refurbishing old bikes and giving them a fresh lease of life. Check out these guys in Hove, UK and what they have achieved so far:

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