Pro-Lite Merano Review

Leading bicycle manufacturer Pro-Lite has been constructing products for bikes for several years and continues their dedication in producing some of the best products available to road race cyclists. This dedication to continually improving cycling as a sport can be seen with the Pro-Lite Merano, which is an upgrade from the Pro-Lite Luciano wheelset. The hand built wheelset features an Alloy KLM T10 rim, this thinner rim ensures that less friction is produced between the road and wheel, the lower friction guarantees that all the power provided by a cyclist is used; no energy is lost between the pedal and wheel.

The Merano wheels are extremely smooth, testers found that the smoothness of the wheels mean they grip to road impeccably and guarantee control during descents and when cornering at speed. Furthermore, the wheelset feature the PRO-LITE 3.2 mm stainless steel aero spokes, which have a high level of tension, strengthening the wheel, but also provide a high level of aerodynamics making the Merano’s wind resistant and ensure a stable ride for cyclists during strong crosswinds. The wheelset features good hubs on both the front and back. The back features two sealed bearings that are protected from the elements and require no maintenance.

The Merano is specially designed to build on existing race records of its predecessors 50,000+ sets in the market, and it is the first choice wheelset for professional racing teams around the world. Its specific design and use of hard wearing materials mean that the Merano is designed to withstand a lot of use. More importantly, the Merano offers fantastic value for money and allow those on a cycling budget to get the best products that the pros use.

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