Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Review

Shimano make a number of models within the Dura Ace wheels group. The high end carbon wheelsets come in both tubular and clincher.

Carbon 7850 Dura Ace

These wheels are very light but still have rigidity built in. The red nipples are a little touch to these wheels, which when in motion can be seen to great effect. It come with a 50mm deep carbon rim with the braking surface made of alloy. The wheel has built in aerodynamics and the rear hub purrs rather than hums like some noisy hubs. The carbon Dura Ace wheelset hold well in corners with very little roll, but make sure you complement them with a good set of tyres.

WH7900 C35 Dura Ace Carbon

The WH7900 C35 Dura Ace wheels have to be bought separately, which increases the cost if you want a full wheelset. They are designed with pro race criteria in mind and work well with the 10-speed shimano groupset. The rim is 35mm deep.

WH7900 CL Dura Ace wheels

The WH7900 CL Dura Ace wheels are high grade aluminium, but have a carbon laminate designed to meet the pro road race criteria.

7850 SL Dura Ace wheels

The 7850 SL Dura Ace are cheaper, lighter and not forged in carbon but high grade aluminium, perfect for beginners and intermediates.

Summary the Shimano family of Dura Ace wheels offer a good range for all types of riders and are great value for the money.

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