HED Jet 9 Clincher Review

HED have once again surpassed other manufacturers and have created the benchmark with the HED Jet 9, creating with a soft structure carbon rim which comes available in 700c and 650c as well as the option of a clincher or tubular front and rear rim specification, and weighing 814 grams at the front and 1026 grams at the rear, the HED Jet 9 pick up where the standard disc left off. HED have made the Jet 9 stronger, lighter, stiffer and faster than previous disc wheelsets. The Jet 9 is a hybrid wheel that has been created using new construction technology; the spokes have been built with strength and durability in mind. The increased torsional strength of the spokes has ensured that the wheel is stiff, and it is this rigidity that allows for a more energy transmission from the wheel to the road.

Additionally, the wheel features the ‘C2’ rim, which possesses a lower rolling resistance and stick to the road more efficiently making cornering at high speeds possible; moreover, the wide rims of the ‘C2’ provide better vibration amalgamation as well as better aerodynamics. The speed and aerodynamics of the Jet 9 are further improved by the lighter and specially shaped discs; the new shape of the discs incorporates a toroidal bulge near the rim and a radius on the large transition leading from the hub to the bulge. This specific shape makes the disc Jet 9 faster but also extremely stable, with strong crosswinds not affecting the handling of these wheels.

The only fault testers discussed when evaluating these wheels was the overall weight; nevertheless, despite the wheels being slightly heavy in weight they still performed to an amazing standard with professionals and recreationally cyclists agreeing the HED Jet 9 is made for speed.

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