HED Ardennes Clincher Review

HED began when entrepreneur Steve Hed emerged with the first of a long line of excellent aero wheels. The hand built HED Ardennes clinchers have unusually spacious 25mm wide rims which are named the ‘C2’ model. The ‘C2’ model effectively improves the wheels aerodynamics as well as lowering rolling resistance and providing a quality ride. The ‘C2’ rims surface are very smooth for improved grip, and testers recognised this improved grip as the wheels glued effectively to the roads, as well as sticking the loose dirt and were particularly effective when cornering; testers agreed that the improved grip provided the rider with more confidence to corner at increased speeds.

HED’s wider rim has removed the bulge, by setting the tyre walls inline with the rim, making the overall wheel more aerodynamic. Moreover the improved grip provides confidence for riders when descending steep declines at high speeds. The wheels feature a larger flange for improved stiffness, in addition to HED focus on tightening up the tolerances on the bearing bore in the hubs and axle diameters; this improved and advanced design has created the smoothest rolling wheels available.

While the wheelset is extremely stiff and tight, for faster acceleration, the Ardennes are extremely comfortable during long haul rides, with over 6 hours saddle testers approved that the wheels made for a more smoother and comfortable ride. The wheels were not sluggish in anyway and tests showed no visible flex even during intense acceleration, making the wheel exceptionally fast whilst remaining balanced. The only fault with the Ardennes is due to the increased width, most riders will need to reset their brake pads to accommodate the wheels, despite this simple problem the HED Ardennes undoubtedly outperform any other clincher wheel by other manufacturers.

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