Zipp 202 Tubular Review

The Zipp 202 feature some of Zipp’s most advanced designs, with a multi-patented rim profile which measures at 25mm deep and weighs 1060 grams, the 202’s possess a wide range of features. For example, the wheels use the manufacturing technology braking surface, which ensures responsive and quick braking during intense speeds. While the wheels feature 20 Silica-ceramic spokes on the front wheel and 24 on the rear. In addition, they include a Sapim CX-Ray tyre which moulds to the road and reduces the effects of road elements, such as pot holes; the CX-Ray tyre has a lower rolling resistance ensuring less energy is required to produce and maintain advanced speeds. The wheelset come complete with a bladed stainless steel model 95 hub, which testers argue is one of the smoothest around, as well as a free hub body.

The Zipp 202 is both Shimano and Campagnolo compatible and its simple and sleek design will improve the aesthetics of any frame. With the Hub Shell and Flange created using choice material that is very high making this mid-depth wheel practical and durable. While the 202 uses the best spoke design, choosing the Sapim CX-Rays, which is 3 more times expensive than the revolution or laser spokes. Moreover, the nipples are made with a high standard that do not require a tire to be reglued or removed when you want to true them up.

The wheels spin up extremely fast, and while they are not as light as ultra light wheels, they accelerate faster due to wheels possessing a more complete package. This package includes a stiffer rim compared to other low profile carbons, this coupled with strong Sapim spokes with a higher tension make a poignant combination, simply explained you pedal they go very fast. Lastly, although they are not classed as aero wheels our tests indicate that they perform as good, with the spokes cutting through the wind effectively. Overall these are exceptional wheels.

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