Campagnolo Bora One Review

Campagnolo have been designing, producing and distributing high-end components for racing bikes for many years and currently distributes to over 30 countries. Not only are Campagnolo renowned for producing excellent products, they are distinguished for producing products that are benchmarks in design. The dedication to producing innovative designs can be seen in the Campagnolo Bora One, made with a 50mm profile carbon fibre rim as well as a braking surface of aluminium, using standard braking pads the wheels offer responsive braking during steep descents and continue to work well in all weather conditions except rain (see at end of review). The wheelsets also feature differential, aerodynamic spokes, which efficiently slice through strong crosswinds and provide a steady ride for cyclists. In addition, the wheels feature HPW hubs that have been derived from the new Record Hubs.

The wheels also include quick lubrication ports, pawl carrier in titanium. While the front wheel weighs 590 grams and the rear weighs 760 grams, making the Campagnolo Bora One the lightest wheelsets on the market. The Bora wheel has become renowned as the most revolutionary among high-profile wheels, with fantastic aerodynamics and testers agree they work well in both flat and inclining terrains. The 50mm full carbon rim providing excellent power transmission for increased speeds, while the lightness allow for more effective climbing. The wheels remain stiff with little flex whilst riding in addition to remaining super smooth ensuring that the rider effective road holding during high speeds and while cornering.

While there are many positives to these wheelsets there are some weaknesses, in particular braking is significantly reduced during wet conditions. Despite this weakness it is clear that these wheels are extremely strong and hard-wearing and a rider will have an unfair advantage on these wheels compared to other cyclists.

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