Campagnolo Eurus Review

Leading manufacturer Campagnolo continue to improve their wheelsets and this can be seen in the Campagnolo Eurus 2012, the key feature to these wheels is there lightness, due to Campagnolo special attention to the wheels construction and materials used they are one of the lightest wheelsets around, the front wheel weighs 630 grams, while the rear weighs 860 grams. The rim and hub are made from lightweight aluminium, with weight saving aluminium nipples. Furthermore, the spokes are extremely light but also bladed which allow for exceptional crosswind handling, and while not classed as aero wheels when tested they handled extremely well during intermediate winds.

The Campagnolo Eurus 2011 rear hub has a larger flange to increase torsional stiffness, the firmness of these wheels mean that they are capable of great acceleration, but has been specially designed making it the smoothest hub to date. While the lightness of these wheels make them ideal for climbing sharp inclines, but also easy to build speed on, with less weight to move the cyclists requires less energy to go faster. Additionally, one of the best aspects of the Campagnolo is that they have been specially designed so that they are easy to service at home ensuring that the wheels maintain a high level of quality and are long lasting.

Lastly, the Campagnolo Eurus are one of the only ‘two way fit’ wheels available that fits both clincher and tubeless tires, allowing the cyclist to select their preferred preference. During testing it was difficult to find any weaknesses to these wheels, and the only fault of these wheels is that if they were a tiny bit deeper they would be ideal. On the whole the Campagnolo Eurus 2011 wheelset are excellent racing wheels and would remarkably improve every cyclist’s performance.

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