Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Review

Campagnolo have once again proven why they are the leading wheel manufacturer in the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two, while we didn’t think they could improve the perfection of the Campagnolo Bora One they have managed to take the elements of the Bora One and improve them even further in the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two. Weighing a mere 1319 grams and sporting 18 spokes on the Front and 21 spokes on the rear, the rims are 50mm deep. The structure of the carbon and aluminium hubs provide a high level of stability and stiff platform giving the rider a superior performance, moreover, the hubs have a variable thickness to save weight but also allows a closure at super record intervals. Also featured on these impressive wheels are a light freewheel and titanium pawl carrier as well as possessing the CULT (Campagnolo Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) ball bearings, this advanced technology and design create a high level of free wheel with the least amount of resistance. Excitingly the wheels also feature an enlarged aluminium right flange which increases the torsional stiffness of the wheels to an incredible level and is very responsive when riding uphill.

Moreover, testers explained that the wheels showed no visible flex during acceleration and with the wheels inline whilst riding; cyclists are producing high levels of power. Testers agree that the wheels are light and fast to spin up, as well as, being easy and cheap to maintain as the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two uses oil instead of expensive, special grease. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘two way fit’ version and the holes in the valves are quite small making it difficult to find a valve extender which isn’t too wide.

Despite these few problems the Campagnolo Bora Two are built to provide high performance with every bit of power a rider puts into the pedal translated into velocity.

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