HED Stinger 6 Clincher Review

HED continue to lead in the wheelset field, producing unique, advanced and professionally designed wheels that will improve the performance of any level cyclist. The front wheel weighs 515 grams with a 40mm rim section, while the rear weighs 710 grams with a 40mm rim section. Without a doubt the HED Stinger 6 sees the overhaul of the industry standard design and manufacturing process of wheelsets, creating a faster, comfortable, strong and rigid wheel. The HED Stinger 6 sees a remarkable change and improvement compared to the earlier wheels and features revolutionary techniques, in particular the wheelset features a new carbon fibre lay up system which incorporates a honeycomb core, slotted between carbon sheets, this is the first time this structure has been used to create a spoke wheel construction.

Furthermore, the HED Stinger 6 features aerospace grade materials which as created an unprecedented weight to strength ratio, making an extremely strong, durable yet light wheel. In addition, the wheelset use ‘epoxy+’ resins, which allow a small but significant amount of movement of the carbon side walls to cushion the ride, the use of this advanced technique has made the wheels comfortable as well as maintain the optimum level of stiffness. As with most HED wheels, the Stinger 6 focuses on the aerodynamics of the wheels, the wheel tyre interface is reduced, limiting the drag produced therefore making the wheels unaffected by strong crosswinds. For most cyclists the most important factor is pace and the HED Stinger 6 do not disappoint, the rims are extremely smooth lowering rolling resistance, with a more efficient power transmission the wheels are quick to spin up and reach aggressive speeds whilst maintaining a good grip of the road.

The only fault found, which is often expected on carbon rim, is sluggish braking, in particular during wetter conditions, nevertheless, despite this single setback the HED Stinger 6 are outstanding wheels and are one of the swiftest wheels on the road to date.

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