Pro-Lite Como Review

Considered the masters of wheel building, the Pro-Lite team have been manufacturing hand made bicycle products for several years and few companies can complete with there high level of standards they put into every wheelset. This dedication can be seen in the Pro-Lite Como, which offers the cyclist the best possible features with 20h front and 24h rear. The wheels have a 30mm deep alloy
rim which helps to maintain a high level of aerodynamics ensuring the wheels remain stable during intense crosswinds.

The thin rim is incredibly stiff and this rigidity maximises the power transfers between the wheel and road, improving the overall performance of the cyclist, especially during steep inclines. Furthermore, the thin rims are very smooth ensuring a lower rolling resistance allowing the wheels to spin up fast while remaining gripped to the road. Overall the wheelset weighs 2000 grams and is both Shimano and Campagnolo compatible. The Pro-Lite Como has been built to a high quality and with top quality materials with the rim absorbing road anomalies providing the rider a comfortable ride.

The high end bearings ensure the wheels are durable, require no maintenance and are long lasting. Due to the loose ball bearings, the wheels can be serviced easily at home. Upon testing the wheels they showed no flex when building up intense speeds or during inclines, this important factor ensures that the power is efficiently produced at all times. These hand crafted wheels work well in all climates and maintain strength and stiffness after years/miles of prolonged use. However, to maintain this high level of strength and durability these wheels they are extremely heavy, despite this problem the Pro-Lite Como remain extremely fast, strong, rigid and straight and with only one downside these fantastic wheels are great value for money.

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