Token c50a Carbon Clincher Review

Token have revolutionised the way cyclists view carbon, titanium, ceramic and alloy materials and have been the leading manufacturer to experiment and effectively use these materials to create superior cycling products. Token experience with ground- breaking designs and materials can be seen in the Token c50a, the aero profile 700c wheels feature a 50mm rims and weigh 1960 grams, without QR and tyres. The Token c50a are packed with features such as the alloy braking surface, which provides the cyclist with a responsive and quick braking system that works well in all weather conditions and provides the rider with assurance during tight corners and during steep declines.

The wheels also feature TK195 Alloy Hubs 20H/Front and 24H/Rear, and sealed bearings both of which are incredibly smooth allowing the wheels to spin up effectively and quickly. The Token c50a also feature external alloy nipples allow the cyclist to easily adjust and maintain the nipples. Moreover, the wheels include Aero Black Pillar Bladed spokes, the taut spokes ensure that the wheels maintain a high level of stiffness; while there specific design and pattern ensure that the wheels are not affected by strong crosswinds. Another bonus of the Token c50a spokes are that they have a conventional design making them easy to repair if damaged.

The rims are very smooth, ensuring that they grip to the road at high speeds and are particularly effective when cornering but the lowered resistance mean that the wheels reach high speeds, while the increased stiffness reduce energy loss for a more effective power transfer. Although the wheels weigh a little more than expected the features of the wheels make the Token c50a one of the best wheelsets available on the market and provide the cyclist with a superior performance.

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