Zipp 101 Clincher Review

Zipp’s began in 1988 and for over 20 years have progressed in producing excellent cycling products, one particular area they continually improve is the Zipp wheelsets. Zipp have produced some of the most innovative and recognisable wheels and the Zipp 101 are an example of there dedication to continually improve on there designs. The Zipp 101’s front wheel is radial laced pattern which features 28 spokes, while the rear wheel features 28 spokes in a cross laced pattern, the spokes have been carefully selected, rolled and double buttoned, while the double eyelets evenly spread the spoke load on both the inside and outside diameter.

The 101’s feature clincher rims which are sip bonded with a superb machined braking surface, making decisive and responsive braking during fast declines, in all weather conditions. The hubs of the 101’s are the centre of attention, they have been artfully CNC machined with sealed bearing durability making them life long wheels which will continue after years of prolonged and intensive use. Testers agreed that the Zipp 101’s are extremely stiff and that it is due to this stiffness that they offer great acceleration and are perfect for short, steep climbs. The 101’s have a noticeable lower rolling resistance making them blisteringly fast, this fastness is further aided by the lightness of these wheels which measure 1523 grams. The tires deform easily over normal road irregularities, which ensure that the rider can maintain a given speed extremely easily.

What is most impressive about the Zipp 101’s is the sophisticated technology which is used throughout the wheel, but, in particular when improving the aerodynamics of the wheels. Using a new aerodynamic rim shape that is low, called toroidal spills wind at all YAW angles, making the wheels as easy to handle in crosswind than there deeper counterparts. The Zipp 101’s are a profound improvement of previous Zipp wheels and an excellent choice due to their price, the cheapest of the Zipp range.

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