DT Swiss RR 1850 Review

DT Swiss are well known for their ingenious creations, developing everything from suspension forks to road wheels most cyclists turn to DT Swiss for their bicycle components. Despite producing a number of road wheels, the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheelset remains one of DT Swiss’ leading products.

Designed for speed the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheelsets are part of the company’s RR range which have been created and produced for enthusiast riders who want to ride the best possible wheels that include the latest aerodynamic designs and features. These Swiss made wheels possess extremely strong rims that have been created using DT Swiss’ SBWT welded technology. This process is where the rim joint seams are carefully jointed using CNC machined technology. This welding process creates an extremely strong rim making it incredibly rigid, this careful design and construction of the rims promises that the rims of the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheels are both aerodynamic, as well as being able to effectively transfer a cyclist’s power to road in order to help riders achieve incredible speeds more easily.

The DT Swiss RR 1850 wheels also feature bladed spokes in both a radial and 2-cross pattern, which have been constructed using DT Swiss’ cold-forging process. The high strength of the spokes ensures they remain in tune as well as successfully transfer a cyclist’s power to the road. While their flat middle section design and pattern guarantee the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheel will slide through crosswinds easily, enabling riders to maintain fast speeds with less effort. One of the most impressive features of the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheels are their quick release high quality hubs, which features DT Swiss’s patented ratchet system. This star ratchet design is able to withstand a higher load capacity, while the cartridge bearings promise smooth rolling and little maintenance.

Available in a sleek black or a minimalist white, these wheels performed flawlessly through our tests, with many of our testers impressed with every aspect of these wheels, from there aerodynamic design to their fantastic strength and rigidity. The DT Swiss RR 1850 is arguably the stiffest, aerodynamic wheelset available and ideal for cycling enthusiasts who only want the very best wheels for their road bike.

DT Swiss RR 1850

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars

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