DT Swiss R 1800 Review

DT Swiss are considered by many cyclists as one of the most inventive manufacturers in the cycling world. But while DT Swiss do create a number of pioneering products their main aim is to produce products that are reliable, durable and most of all perform to the high standards enthusiasts cyclists need. This dedication to producing components that are reliable and possess a high quality finish can be seen in the DT Swiss R 1800 wheels.

These all-rounder wheels are designed for enthusiast cyclists who are determined to venture out on to the roads in all weather conditions. With this idea in mind DT Swiss have ensured that these tubeless clincher wheels have a strong, durable rim, which remains sturdy even after excessive use, yet offers enough rigidity so that rider’s can feel the improvement of their performance by continually transferring their power to the road. Similarly, the flat design of the rims give the DT Swiss R 1800 wheels an aerodynamic design, helping riders to maintain their fast speeds when tackling strong crosswinds.

The forged alloy spokes offer strength and rigidity, guaranteeing that they stay true and eliminate flex, which only further helps riders reach extraordinary speeds. While the spokes front radial lacing and rear 2- cross lacing spoke design further enhances the strength of the wheel, while also improving the overall aerodynamics profile of the DT Swiss R 1800 wheels. The DT ProLock hexagonal aluminium nipples reduce the overall weight of each wheel, whilst remaining strong enough to withstand
excessive use. The two pawl quick release hubs ensure smooth spinning and are virtually maintenance free.

The DT Swiss R 1800 wheelset are the most well known wheels produced by this renowned components manufacturer, however they do perform to the standard recreational cyclist’s desire. Many of our testers said they are able to withstand hard acceleration, showing very little flex and the rigidity of the rims and spokes only helped riders reach high speeds. Overall, the DT Swiss R 1800 wheelset are fantastic all-rounder wheels and ideal for riders searching for a robust, durable wheel for their road bike.

DT Swiss R 1800

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars ££

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