DT Swiss R1900 Review

Formed over 17 years ago DT Swiss have grown into one of the most renowned bicycle manufacturers today, creating pioneering products useful for a range of different cyclists. Developing and producing a range of wheels for road cyclists, one of their leading road racing wheelsets is the DT Swiss R1900.

These hand built clincher wheels possess specific optimized components that include a strong sleeved joined single-eyelet rim that is both light in weight as well as rigid. This perfect equilibrium of rigidity and lightness promises that the rim effectively transfers a rider’s power to the road so that riders reach impressive speeds with the least amount of effort. Another optimized component of the DT Swiss R1900 wheels are their DT Swiss bladed aero spokes with a front radial lacing and rear 2-cross lacing, these pioneering spokes and careful design offer riders a range of benefits. In particular their aero design guarantees that the wheels are able to slice through strong crosswinds easily for a steadier ride, while
the strength and rigidity of the spokes and their careful design help to eliminate any flex and ensure a riders power is transferred to the road. The DT Swiss R1900 wheels are also fitted with ProLock nipples, which help to reduce the overall of weight of each wheel, whilst remaining strong enough to endure excessive use.

DT Swiss have also fitted the R1900 road wheels with quick release Shimano two pawl system hubs. Introducing these quick release hubs on the R1900 wheels ensures that they are virtually maintenance free, long lasting and provide riders with a smooth spin, even after excessive use.

Most of our testers were impressed with these DT Swiss wheels, with many commenting that the wheels hadn’t gone out of tune despite the excessive testing. While others were impressed at their rigidity and how the rim and spoke tense helped riders reach incredible speeds. The only fault a few testers mentioned was their weight, weighing approximately 1900 grams in total the DT Swiss R1900 are slightly heavy, however the additional weight didn’t prevent any of our testers sprinting up hills and in fact helped to create a more stable feel when riding on flats. The strength, rigidity and aero design of the DT Swiss R1900 wheelset are why they are and will continue to be one of the leading products DY Swiss produce.

DT Swiss R1900

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars

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