Shimano RS80 Review

Japanese manufacturer Shimano are arguably one of the most renowned bicycle components manufacturers. Distributing components throughout the world this brand’s connection with creating high quality components has meant they are one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world.

Shimano have created a number of wheelsets over the years, however a wheelset that stands apart from other models is the Shimano RS80 wheelset. Part of Shimano performance range the Shimano RS80 wheels have a pioneering carbon-alloy construction to create a light but strong wheel, ideal for competitive cycling as well as recreational rides. The clincher wheels have a carbon and alloy laminate rim. Created using a phosphoric acid anodising process and with a unique 0.7mm wall design, the Shimano RS80 rims are both light in weight, extremely rigid but also offer a braking performance not always achievable on carbon wheels. The rigidity of the rims ensure they effectively transfer a cyclist power to the road helping rider’s reach impressive speeds, while the high braking performance offers riders a level of reassurance.

The Shimano RS80 wheels also feature stainless steel butted and bladed straight pull spokes. The butted construction creates spokes that are extremely robust and stiff, these characteristics help to eliminate any flex whilst also effectively transferring a riders pedal power to the road. The bladed design of the spokes however promise that the Shimano RS80 wheels slice through strong crosswinds effectively so riders can have the benefit of a steadier ride.

Fitted with anodized aluminium hubs that include Labyrinth double contact sealing, which helps to prevent water or dirt from seeping and damaging the hubs. While the polished bearings lower the rotational friction for a smoother spin that requires very little maintenance. The large flange on the rear wheel also further increases the lateral rigidity of the rear wheel.

Overall, our testers were delighted with the Shimano RS80 wheelset. Many said that they felt light, making them great for climbing, while other said the overall stiffness level of the wheels meant they could reach fast speeds quickly. These high performance wheels possess everything a cyclist needs to enjoy fast paced cycling and are one of the best mid range wheelsets created by Shimano.

Shimano RS80 Wheels

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars ££

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