Halo Mercury Review

While British manufacturer Halo has a reputation for creating truly amazing wheels for BMX and MTB bikes, they are quickly developing a reputation for designing and producing fantastic wheels for road bikes.

Halo’s performance model designed for competitive racing is the Halo Mercury wheels, which possess the same features and carefully designed construction normally only found on more expensive models. The 30mm deep aluminium rims offer good breaking as well as a level of rigidity often only available on aluminium wheels, ensuring every piece of power produced by a cyclist is effectively transferred to the road for an easy ride. The 30mm rims, when coupled with 16/24 lacing spoke design guarantees a perfect aerodynamic design so that the wheels effectively slice through the strongest crosswinds. The lacing and two-cross design of the double butted spokes creates an unbelievable amount of strength, which reduces the amount of flex produced giving a more reliable performance.

Another fantastic feature of the Halo Mercury is the sealed bearings SL alloy hubs, these carefully constructed and design hubs ensure that the Halo Mercury wheels are durable, require little maintenance, but more importantly guarantee these wheels have much less friction.

The Halo Mercury wheels are truly remarkable, with most of our testers offering only positive comments, in particular many testers were surprised at how lightweight the wheels were, weighing only 1625grams in total, compared to other more expensive models. While other testers were impressed with the wheels high quality design features and finish, which easily challenges the more expensive, well known models on the market. A unique concept Halo are one of the only manufacturers to offer a high quality wheelset that possesses high performance features yet remains reasonably priced. The positive aspects of the Halo Mercury wheels are why they are a fantastic choice for cyclists who want to upgrade their mid- range wheels for a more rigid, durable and aerodynamic wheel.

Halo Mercury

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.0 stars £

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