Halo Aerotrack Review

Halo are quickly becoming known as one of the best British wheel and rim manufacturers, creating new and inventive wheels for both BMX, MTB and road bikes each year. Although the Halo road wheel range is limited in size compared to larger global manufacturers, Halo’s road wheels have all of the features and designs a road cyclist searches for.

One of the leading models in their road wheel range is the Halo Aerotrack, which features a mid sized 27mm deep profile Aero road rim. These rims are both strong as well as rigid, this combination ensures that riders can enjoy wheels that do not flex under excessive pedalling and continually translate a rider’s efforts into speed for a faster performance. The aero design of the 32 reliable plain 14 gauge spokes guarantees that the Halo Aerotrack wheels glide effortless through crosswinds for a steadier, smoother ride.

The most impressive feature of the Halo Aerotrack wheelset however is the renowned Halo Fix-G track hubs, which offers riders a number of advantages, in particular easy and secure fixing, the option to use a twin cog and an adjustable chainline. This Halo track hub features a Hi-polished custom CNC machined hub shell and Japanese sealed bearings, ensuring that the hub is maintenance free as well as extremely robust. But more importantly, Halo’s track hub are considered to be the smoothest available on the market today and are ideal for road cyclists.

Available in a range of colours, that include simple black, sleek silver as well as the more daring neon green and pink colour, the Halo Aerotrack looks exciting and modern, with the more daring colours ideal for cyclists who want to stand apart from the rest of the racing crowd. Overall, many of our testers we impressed with Halo’s Aerotrack wheels, describing
them as extremely reliable and great value as well as possessing the perfect level of stiffness to ensure riders could pick up speed relatively easily. These positive aspects make the Halo Aerotrack wheels a fantastic alternative to the more expensive road wheelsets available on the market today.

Halo Aerotrack

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars £

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