Easton EC90 SL Clincher Review

Easton are famed for their production of high quality performance bicycle parts and accessories. Priding themselves on the use of only the finest materials and the latest, innovative production methods and technology, Easton are undoubtedly one of the world’s top manufacturers.

The latest carbon wheelset offering from Easton is a carbon clincher wheel that offers the durability and performance of a traditional aluminium clincher wheel but with a reduced weight thanks to its carbon design. Carbon clincher wheels are still commonly debated but with the technology that Easton brings to the table, it is hard to resist what they have to offer.

At 38mm deep the wheels only weigh an impressive 1532g and hold impressive tension and stress bearing properties. The manufacturing process means the carbon rim is moulded in one process, offering unrivalled protection and strength against stress and fatigue.

Aerodynamic performance is also improved by the use of Sapim double butted bladed spokes which offer reduced weight and increased strength. The Carbon clinchers also provide a firm but smooth ride that is equivalent to that of an alloy counterpart and the flex is minimal as to not cause any apparent problems with the braking.

Before you go comparing the EC90 SL to other carbon wheels which tend to have a grabby, inconsistent and pulsing feel when braking, combine the already impressive list of features above with a new concept: ThermaTecTM, a ceramic treatment coating which is applied on to the carbon rim braking surface and can resist temperatures in excess of 500oc.

What do you have? You find yourself with a bike that can not only pick up speed in an impressive manner but a bike that has an impeccable braking quality. As carbon is an insulator, using the brakes can lead to a build-up of heat which will eventually lead to a blow out, however, Easton have used the latest technology to ensure this issue is bypassed and braking is smooth and consistent throughout your ride.

Product Features

38mm rim depth
Sapim bladed black spokes
18 radial front spokes
24 radial NDS rear spokes
Ceramic cartridge bearings

Easton’s EC90 SL Carbon Clincher wheelset offers all round flexibility and shows excellent capability when used for climbing or generating speed on the flat due to their lightweight yet firm rim. The one piece moulded carbon rim provides a flawless surface that assists in smooth and controlled braking.

They were the choice of Cadel Evans in the 2011 Tour de France, one of the toughest races on the calendar and we can certainly see why he chose them, they have to be the world’s most advanced carbon clincher available to date and are a must for anyone looking for a top of the range all round racing wheelset.

Easton EC90 SL Clincher

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars

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