Easton EA70X Review

Easton have always been at the forefront of cycling, creating and distributing technologically advanced products to both enthusiastic cyclists as well as professionals around the world. Although Easton offer cyclist’s a wide range of wheels certain models stand apart from others, an example of this is the Easton EA70X wheelset.

The Easton EA70X wheelset comprises of a number of advanced components, in particular these tubular wheels feature a large diameter axles which have been constructed using 7050 alloy. The hubs possess a wider flange than most road wheels, which adds additional lateral stiffness and helps to improve the wheels handling. The Easton EA70X hubs are also fitted with precision sealed cartridge bearings, which guarantee that the wheels are smooth spinning, but also virtually maintenance free and durable.

Two of the most impressive aspects of the Easton EA70X wheels however are the rims and spokes. Tubular welded the 25mm rims have been created using EA70 alloy to ensure that they are both durable as well as extremely rigid. This rigidity enables the Easton EA70X wheels to efficiently transfer a cyclist’s power to the road, whilst also offering the perfect level of vertical compliance when riding. The other impressive feature of the Easton EA70X wheels are their Sapim double-butted
spokes, which ensure the Easton EA70X wheels are both strong and rigid, while the radial and 2-cross design helps to lower the wheels wind resistance level.

Additional features such as a machined aluminium braking surface and Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM cassette compatibility are just a few extra reasons why our testers were impressed with these wheels. From the very first ride our testers were impressed with these wheels, they are extremely rigid helping riders to reach incredible speeds with the least amount of effort and look fantastic. Part of Easton’s performance range these hand built wheels definitely provide competitive riders with an advantage over other cyclists, making the Easton EA70X worth every penny.

Easton EA70X

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars ££££

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